a song for the ear, a smile for the heart

More Than A Song, LLC.

About Us

More Than A Song understands that aging persons have limited access to live music performances due to limited finances, limited mobility, and limited opportunities. We work with care-givers and care-teams to bring quality performing arts to them! Our Artists come from a professional background and are diverse, experienced, and talented. Our Aging friends deserve to experience true art and to experience all the mental and physical wellness benefits that music has to offer!

Schedule with Us!

We work with each organization individually to customize performance rates and schedules. We understand that needs vary widely and we do everything possible to meet those needs.

-Traditional Entertainment.

-Music & Health Sessions (music and movement, instrument playing, word cueing, reminiscing). Ideal for Memory Care!

-Comfort performances, one on one at bedside.

-Holidays, Concert Series, Cultural music, Music Lessons...and more! We love to think outside the box!

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