a song for the ear, a smile for the heart

More Than A Song, LLC.

Our Mission...

Is to work with Atlanta’s Care and Service Providers for the aging to enrich lives through musical arts and entertainment by talented Artists who hold the aging population in great esteem and respect. We strive to instill confidence and loyalty in our clients through professionalism and a desire to serve.

Annual FREE Nutcracker Performance for Aging Communities!

Once again, More Than A Song and The Northeast Atlanta Ballet have come together to offer Aging Communities this fantastic Holiday experience, completely free!
This year, the performance is 11:30am on Monday, November 26 in the Theatre of The Infinite Energy Center. Family members and staff are welcome. The more the merrier!
Please submit seat requests by November 19th to: information@morethanasong.us

1. How long is the performance? This is an abbreviated production, with a run time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
2. Is there a live orchestra? Yes! 
3. Are concessions available? There are no concessions for sale at this performance. However, there will be complimentary water and limited snack items for Senior guests. If there are diabetic concerns, please feel free to pack any items needed. 
4. Will there be ushers? We will have plenty of help ushering guests to and from their seats. There is a place to park walkers.
5. How do we get there and where do we park? The Infinite Energy Center is located at 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth, GA 30097. Shuttles, buses, vans, and cars are welcome to drop off guests at the theatre entrance and then park for free in the theatre parking lot.
6. How many seats are available? The theatre holds up to 600! So everyone is welcome!
7. Where are the restrooms? All restrooms are on the second floor, which is accessible by elevator and stairs.
8. How early should we arrive? Please allow enough time for all guests to be dropped off and seated prior to lights down (it can get very dark and we don't want any falls or accidents!).