a song for the ear, a smile for the heart

More Than A Song, LLC.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to work with Atlanta‚Äôs Care and Service Providers to enrich lives in the Aging Community through live arts and entertainment. We strive to instill confidence and loyalty in our clients through professionalism and a desire to serve.

Senior citizens often have limited access to the live arts and music, due to limited mobility, limited finances, and unfamiliarity with technology. We believe that it is our responsibility, as a community and as a care team, to bring live art to THEM! We work diverse Artists, who come from a professional background, to bring Aging communities a variety of quality performances.

The Covid-19 pandemic is keeping many of us from personal interaction with our Aging Loved Ones. However, we would like to put together a personalized, digital music performance for your loved one. We would love to discuss details to make this as special as possible! 

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